FastoNoSQL - GUI manager for NoSQL Databases

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What is FastoNoSQL?

FastoNoSQL it is GUI platform for NoSQL databases. Currently we support next databases:

FastoNoSQL — is a cross-platform open source NoSQL management tool

For all this databases you can connect and use them in any way you need. Also FastoNoSQL is IDE tool for NoSQL which works on the most famous platforms like: Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android, FreeBSD.

Main big advantages of FastoNoSQL:

  • Open source
  • Cross-platform
  • Flexible and extending for future databases
  • Simple code
  • Great solutions

We are waiting for your feedback! Please write any issues and proposals to GitHub Issues.

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Full Power of Redis shell FastoNoSQL embeds the same redis-cli engine. It means that you can reuse your main skills of redis-cli shell in FastoNoSQL! This program provides you with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, different view modes (text, tree, table) and other. With excellent power comes great responsibility. FastoNoSQL won’t stop you from executing "undesired" code. Be attentive, as you do with redis-cli shell!

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Multiple Shells

You can open as many shells as you need. Every tab in FastoNoSQL — is a Redis shell, fully divided from each other. Have many opened shells for single Redis/Memcached server, or many shells for many different servers.

Download How to use
FastoNoSQL - Multiple Shells


FastoNoSQL supply you with autocompletion for all Redis commands. To assist FastoNoSQL autocompletion — execute your code. Autocompletion is also available for Memcached commands.

Download How to use
FastoNoSQL Admin GUI

Redis Cluster support

Redis Cluster provides a way to run a Redis installation where data is automatically sharded across multiple Redis nodes. FastoNoSQL is able to work with Redis Cluster, we support discovery functionality and you can work with cluser as one server.

Download How to use
Redis Cluster workflow

Access your server using SSH protocol

Access your server using SSH protocol You are able to connect to server via SSH tunnel. We support two methods of authentication: with password and with private key.

Download How to use
FastoNoSQL - SSH protocol

Memcached support

Memcached is like Redis and now our program can work with it. Now you can work directly from FastoNoSQL with memcached - memory object caching system.

Download How to use
FastoNoSQL - Memcached GUI

SSDB support

SSDB is a high performance NoSQL database supporting many data structures, an alternative to Redis, and now our program can work with it.

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SSDB support

Graphics of history

Desktop Managers makes working with the database more user-friendly. If you want to see the work history of your server, you can check "Logging enable" on connection dialog window. And every minute FastoNoSQL executes redis info command, and saves result.

Download How to use
FastoNoSQL - history of your server GUI